Life Reminder

Life Reminder is a application on Windows Phone 8.1 store.

Life Reminder help you in daily life and will remind you about your meeting or in school/college/university life it will remind you about your assignments, projects, quizzes, workshops or seminars.

Download Life Reminder from here, Don’t forget to rate and review as a feed back.

How to use:

  • Install using the given link above
  • To add new reminder click “Add Reminder” button


  • Select the reminder type from first select box (i-e: Study reminder or meeting reminder)
  • Fill appropriate information on this page.
  • Select save button to proceed


Screenshot (39)


  • once reminder is saved. click “Upcoming Reminders” button from main menu.
  • you can flip right and left to switch between meeting and study reminders
  • click on the reminder to view its detailed status.

Screenshot (41)

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