Danyal Malik

PowerShell -From Noob to Ninja

I have searched and read many articles about Windows PowerShell but did not find any comprehensive article that take you from basic to advance knowledge specifically related to Internet Information Server and PowerShell Remoting. So i tried to make things easy for you, lets get started This article is about Introduction Extensions Basics Cmdlets Working

Enable Zohomail imap and smtp

Login to: mail.zoho.com click on top right settings icon on the settings page, goto bottom and click “older settings” On older settings page, left column, click: POP/IMAP use settings as per this image

Friends Planet

Coding Bots released its new windows 8.1 application named “Friends Planet“.¬†Keep you friends very closer to you. ūüôā Download it from here, Don’t forget to give your feed back use rate and review for that.

Working With XAML 2/4

Those people, who have not been following us from the beginning, can go back to start at the beginning. Grids: When we talk about grids, the first thing that comes to our mind is the concept of rows and columns. So, grids are basically dividing the whole page into rows and columns. This is the most

Working with XAML 1/4

Who should read this article: Any one who wants to work with the following that are listed below or anyone who is a beginner in them, should read this article. Windows 8/onward Development using C# & XAML Windows Phone 8/onward Development using C# & XAML Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) What is XAML: Microsoft developed Markup language named XAML is an abbreviation

Knowing Visual Studio for absolute beginners

Today we will be discussing Visual Studio 2013. Microsoft Visual Studio has a very important role in making¬†developers’ life easy and it is irritating to work on other IDE’s if someone like me is¬†addicted to Visual Studio environment. This is a very big topic that will be covered in many articles but if you are

Making MultipartForm HttpClient request from Windows Phone 8.1

Hey¬†Everyone, today ¬†m going to tell you how to make a MultipartForm HttpClient ¬†request from C# or in simple words you can say that “to send¬†a multiple Post actions¬†to a web in one httpclient request ”   so lets get started. First of all make instance of HttpClient and set base address

Life Reminder

Life Reminder is a application on Windows Phone 8.1 store. Life Reminder help you in daily life and will remind you about your meeting or in school/college/university life it will remind you about your assignments, projects, quizzes, workshops or seminars.

Social Scheduler

Social scheduler is a application which is on windows store 8.1 Social scheduler will help you to post the statuses and images on Facebook immediately, you can capture photos using webcam and you can also post them in scheduled manner e-g you can set timer for it to post on that specific time (Like to wish someone

Ninja Kid

Go for your challenge in Run Ninja Run 3, the new sequel of the amazing, gripping distance game by Pyrozen. Help the dauntless ninja to make his way out of hostile territory while cruel enemies and dangerous carnivores are hunting you. Use collected gold to upgrade your continuously running warrior and wipe out attackers to