Friends Planet

Coding Bots released its new windows 8.1 application named “Friends Planet“. Keep you friends very closer to you. 🙂

Download it from here, Don’t forget to give your feed back use rate and review for that.


Using this application you can

  • Add Friends
  • Plan meetings/hangouts/parties.
  • Manage friends.
  • Manage meetings/parties with them.
  • You can import friends list from Facebook.
  • You can remind them about the meeting.
  • You can have other near by location suggestions.
  • You can see weather forecast for any location which helps you to decide better venue for hangout/meeting/party.

Friends Planet

*Note: Right click on any page to get more options and short cuts (AppBar)

Add Friends:

  • Click on “Add Friend” on the left side bar menu.
  • Click on “Import Friends from Facebook” on the right side of page to import friend list from Facebook.
  • If you are not logged in to facebook, this will show a facebook dialog box to loggin.
  • To add other friend, fill the information select photo if you have it and click “Submit” button to add.

Friends Planet

See Friends List:

  • Click on “See Friends List” on the left side bar menu.
  • If you have friends you will see on this page.
  • Double click on any friend, it will show you the bottom app bar, you can delete the friends or visit his/her facebook profile or in case of other friend it will take you to the link you have entered.

Friends Planet

Add Meeting:

  • Click on “Add Meeting” on the left side bar menu.
  • On the right side you will see your friends list, double click on any friend to add him to the meeting list, you will see that friend in the list below. to remove it from the meeting list double click on it again.
  • Enter all details i-e Venue, Duration (in minutes).
  • Click on “Add Meeting” to submit.

Friends Planet

See Meeting:

  • Click on “See Meeting” on the left side bar menu.
  • This will show all the meeting you have entered before.
  • Click on any meeting to see its details. This will take you to the details page, you can perform following actions on this page
    • Click on “Remind friend via facebook” button, you have to logged in to facebook again if not already logged in.
    • you can enter reminder message for the friends joining the hangout/meeting/party.
    • Select place based on what you have entered before.
    • Enter link if you have any.
    • Click “Post” to post it on you facebook wall, this will automatically tag your friends that are joining the meeting/hangout/party.
    • Click on “Venue Weather Suggestion“, this will show you a flyout, enter city name on the text box, Hit “Check Forecast” this will show you the detailed 5 days weather forecast of the city you have entered.

Friends Planet

Friends Planet -Meeting Details


Friends Planet -Remind Friends

Friends Planet -Weather Forecast


Thank you for reading 🙂

Danyal MalikFriends Planet
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