Making MultipartForm HttpClient request from Windows Phone 8.1

Hey Everyone, today  m going to tell you how to make a MultipartForm HttpClient  request from C# or in simple words you can say that “to send a multiple Post actions to a web in one httpclient request ”


so lets get started.

  • First of all make instance of HttpClient and set base address
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Danyal MalikMaking MultipartForm HttpClient request from Windows Phone 8.1

Benefits of C#

There are quite a few benefits to using C#, we won’t list every single one of them but we will cover the most notable benefits.

1. Strict Typing
Variables have to be declared with a datatype using C#, so if you create a variable called health which will contain the characters health it will have to be given a datatype (for example an integer for a whole number). If you declare a variable as an integer you will not be able to insert anything other than integer numbers into the variable.

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Danyal MalikBenefits of C#