Social Scheduler

Social scheduler is a application which is on windows store 8.1

Social scheduler will help you to post the statuses and images on Facebook immediately, you can capture photos using webcam and you can also post them in scheduled manner e-g you can set timer for it to post on that specific time (Like to wish someone a birthday).

you can also see you statuses both posted and pending on this application without going to the actual Facebook web site.

Using the Application

Click “Add Account” button and sign in to your Facebook account.

Social Scheduler

Click post status button to post status on your wall now or scheduled for later.
All status in the status box
To attach photo turn the “Attach photo” toggle switch ON
You can add image by clicking on “Select photo
You can also capture live photo from webcam by clicking “Capture live
To post status immediately click the “Post” button
Or if you want your post to be scheduled for later turn “Schedule post” toggle switch ON
Select the date and time for your post. Note: time must be greater than 15 minutes.
Click “Post” button to submit for posting.

// post photo

Go to Dashboard by clicking “Dashboard” Button from main menu
Your statuses from your wall are fetched here under the “Recent Statues” heading.
and the statuses that you have submitted for later posting are under the “Pending Statuses” heading.

// dashboard


You can download this application from windows store here

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