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SiteLock provides security and performance services for your websites. It works by pointing the dns to their server and then adding your web hosting server ip in sitelock dashboard where your website is located.

How to disable sitelock temporarily

There can be some situations when we might need to turn off sitelock truespeed acceleration temporarily to allow various things. For example:

To turn off sitelock protection through trueshield and truespeed, follow these steps:

  1. Login to sitelock account
  2. Go to settings from top menu
  3. On the settings page, select your domain for which you want true speed to be disabled in your site lock account
  4. On that website settings, select “TrueShield & TrueSpeed Settings”
  5. On the settings page for trueshield and truespeed, click on “Temporarily ByPass SiteLock’s network”
  6. Click “Save Settings” to save the settings

Note that this page have options to enable or disable true speed acceleration or true shild protection only too. Disabling true speed only might work in some types of situations too, however disabling sitelock completely like explained above might be needed for various tasks. So if in doubt, chose to temporarily bypass sitelock’s network and then enable it when desired tasks are done and results achieved.


I’ve noticed that clicking on “temporarily bypass sitelock’s network” might cause some issues on your site like a redirect loop.

The solution is not to temporarliy bypass the sitelock’s network, rather uncheck both trueshield security and truespeed acceleration from the option next to it. This will disable the cache and other functions of sitelock while not putting your site into a redirect loop.

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